Fabric Quickstart


  1. (optional) Install NVM: https://nvm.sh
  2. Install Node 16.17.1 (use nvm install 16.17.1 if using nvm)


  1. Meet the prerequisites (above)
  2. Install Fabric Core: npm i -g @fabric/core
  3. Run fabric setup
  4. Run fabric chat

Note: for development releases, use npm i -g FabricLabs/fabric#develop instead.

Sample Program

Create the file scripts/quickstart.js using the following code:

const Bitcoin = require('@fabric/core/services/bitcoin');

async function main () {
  const bitcoin = new Bitcoin({
    verbosity: 3

  await bitcoin.start();

main().catch((exception) => {
  console.error('[QUICKSTART]', 'Quick Start failed:', exception);

Finally, run the program:

> node scripts/quickstart.js
[AUDIT] Generating new HD key for wallet...
[AUDIT] Wallet account: {
  id: 'WLTTtuqaMtxMRiP33gLf1BN2js5HESWxHEhE',
  wid: 1,
  name: 'default',
  network: 'main',
  initialized: true,
  witness: false,
  watchOnly: false,
  type: 'pubkeyhash',
  m: 1,
  n: 1,
  accountIndex: 0,
  receiveDepth: 1,
  changeDepth: 1,
  nestedDepth: 0,
  lookahead: 10,
  receiveAddress: '1CxaBhXMiyNPGZ2K2gNprxY6BnCnKVoEgW',
  changeAddress: '1L3LYaPmHfUhLDtsjzw77bsqhzC5esx9qf',
  nestedAddress: null,
  accountKey: 'xpub6Cn1n6iWaPYRqoD4Ss9Sx4i2FLmdZ4ZSwb5NULg6DGCNXMVikaoRk3KFRihqRqLSPiNTDmVHgj7Ff1LMLidcveMf8kPHSX51CjBtZtCqiDU',
  keys: []

Setup Local Bitcoin Node

For testing purposes, we recommend running bitcoin-qt using the bash command with scripts/bitcoin-playnet.sh. Follow these steps to get setup:

  1. Download the bitcoin-core client to your system.
  2. (Recommended) Download SHA256SUMS.sig and SHA256SUMS to verify hashes match, using these commands in the terminal:
     $ cat SHA256SUMS # view the sha-256 file hashes 
     $ sha256sum downloaded_file.name # compute hash of downloaded file
  3. (Recommended) Verify hashes with a Bitcoin Core Release Signing Key, keys to respective versions can be found here.
     $ gpg --verify SHA256SUMS.sig SHA256SUMS # verify file is signed
  4. Continue with the bitcoin-core installation to your system.
  5. Check installation in terminal by running bitcoind --version or bitcoin-qt --version. If the terminal outputs something like Bitcoin Core version vXX.X.X then you are ready to run the scripts
  6. Navigate your terminal window to the fabric directory and create a new directory named "bitcoin-playnet" inside "stores"
     $ cd stores && mkdir bitcoin-playnet
    There should now be a directory path /fabric/stores/bitcoin-playnet.
    Return to the parent directory of the repo cd .., now you are ready to run the script
  7. Run the playnet bash script with
     $ ./scripts/bitcoin-playnet.sh
    A bitcoin client should now pop up
  8. Create or restore a dev wallet (not to be used with real funds)
  9. (optional) view the debug log with this command in a new terminal window
     $ tail -f stores/bitcoin-playnet/regtest/debug.log
    You are now ready for playnet!

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