Contributing to Fabric

Everyone is welcome to contribute to Fabric and fabric-deployed #products. While we cannot make any guarantees of success, safety, or even stability, we are happy to work together with anyone seeking the same. To maintain a civil working environment, we ask that all members of our community follow one simple rule:

Don't be an asshole.


Contributing your intellectual capital is the best way to support Fabric. Get involved in Grove, our community chat, and we'll help you get started.

See also:


Code contributions can be made through We keep track of issues in, where you can get an !invite when made available by application developers.

Progress can be tracked in


Do not send Bitcoin to any of our previously published addresses. We'll enable Lightning donations soon, which have far superior privacy.

Remember: don't re-use Bitcoin addresses!


We're borne of a swarm of storytellers, eager to tell a tale. Join to start your journey, or jump to the end to list your work.

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