Fabric Engineering Goals

  1. Complexity is the enemy. Prefer simplicity.
  2. Make it work, make it right, make it fast. In that order.
  3. Improve access to human liberty with every contribution.


  1. Secure Sovereignty
  2. Equivalent (or superior) Experience
  3. Eliminate Trusted Third Parties


Precision engineering requires long periods of intense focus. We seek healthy work/life balances, especially surrounding R&D related activities (Fabric Labs). Striving for excellence is paramount, and no mission succeeds without a clearly-defined set of goals.

Current Goals

These are our immediate goals:


Helping out grants you a named credit, as listed below. We aggregate these credits in all of the products we produce, including updates to existing applications. Feel free to add your name in any pull request you submit!


  • @martindale โ€” Eric Martindale
  • @chrisinajar - Christopher Vickery
  • @melnx โ€” Alexey Melnichenko

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